10 steps to building your self-confidence

Life has a way of knocking us down and ripping ever ounce our of self-esteem our, self-worth and self-confidence, from our soul. This process can happen instantly without warning. Re-building ourselves back up can take a lifetime.

I created this podcast in hopes that it won’t take a lifetime to build or rebuild your self-confidence. I have been knocked down. I didn’t stay down for long because of my insatiable desire to regain my lifestyle but not only regain my lifestyle I was accustom to but take it to another level.

Of course, after losing everything and with only $200 to my name, damn near homeless, it was kind of hard to take the world by storm.

You will hear a little more about my mid-life crisis in the podcast. However, you’ll be able to read the whole story soon, in my book that will be out shortly. I can’t wait.

I want to let you know, no matter how far you fall, your next move should be to sit up – regroup, then stand-up – begin designing your destiny,  and the last step is to begin the climb- implementing your blueprint.

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No more chit chat, now it’s time to get the 411 on how to build your confidence in 10 easy and fun steps.

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Now, grab a cocktail or coffee, sit back, relax and listen my P’cast either on iTunes or Podbean, on how you can start living the Over 40 & Killing it® Lifestyle TODAY! I go through all the steps I took to create a successful Styling and Singles coaching business with only $50.00. My 2017 goal is to become a best-selling author.

I love coaching the “Over 40” Nouveau Single Ladies & Gentlemen who are re-entering the dating scene or who just want to learn how to be single again, redefine their style or upgrade their lifestyle.

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So until we meet again my Dear Friends, Stay Cool, Classy and Keep on Killing it. NEVER, give up! NEVER be denied! You’re NEVER too old! NEVER look back! Peace!


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Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah


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