Kimberly Ann Hawes, Inc, home of Over 40 and Killing and Gents Style Files.

Kimberly, podcaster, and writer is the CEO and Founder of Over 40 and Killing it and Gents Style Files a networking group for the urbane gentleman and podcast

Kimberly attended the University of Pittsburgh and received her Bachelor’s degree in international relations with a minor in Japanese language and culture. Kimberly went on to receive her MBA from Point Park University.

Kimberly created Over 40 and Killing it to inspire ladies and gentlemen in the areas of building self-confidence, creating a support system, remaining ageless, and leaving singlesville.

Kimberly has been involved in coaching, image consulting, and matchmaking for some time. She was a columnist (Single! Where to go and what to do?) for Eresource, which was a weekly Pittsburgh newspaper. Kimberly worked for Its Just Lunch where she gained experience as a matchmaker. She did image consulting for University seniors who were going on interviews. She would go shopping with them to pick out the proper attire for their interviews. Then Kimberly went on to style executives, doctors, and lawyers. She would style them in luxury made to measure clothing. 

Kimberly took a hiatus from coaching when she landed a job as an operations manager. One of her matchmaking clients lured her into the job.

This job led Kimberly to live the Over 40 and Killing it lifestyle. It was also her demise that threw her into her midlife crisis. 

Kimberly writes about how she had it all, lost it all, and regained it all in her upcoming book, Over 40 and Killing it. 

Over 40 and Killing it and Gents Style Files assisted her through her poverty to posh journey when she lost it all.

Kimberly lost her way a couple of times during her poverty to posh journey but she kept her eye on the prize. It wasn’t easy for her to stay on track which she discusses in her book.

Through reading and coaching herself she resumed her coaching, image consulting, and matchmaking business. 

The break made Kimberly stronger and more resilient. She acquired new skills and techniques on rebuilding self-confidence, building a support system, and leaving singlesville.

Kimberly took a certificate course that was offered by Yale University where she learned techniques on the science of well being which she is now implementing into her coaching sessions.

The Over 40 and Killing it podcast started as a therapeutic way of releasing stress then it turned into a business. 

The goal for Kimberly was to become a podcaster and author. Kimberly accomplished the podcasting half of her goal. And she is well on her way to becoming an author. 

To schedule a 50-minute coaching call with Kimberly, use this online calendar to pick your time and day. 

Let Over 40 and Killing it be your one-stop resource in living the Over 40 and Killing it lifestyle that you deserve.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or Pobean.


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