Kimberly Ann Hawes resides in Pittsburgh where she was born and raised. She’s a Steel City Chick who loves her sports teams. She wrote her first book, Sipping Styling and Socializing, in college, which was acknowledged in her hometown. She packed it away and will be bringing it back to life in the near future. She also wrote a column, Single? Where To Go And What To Do? She began writing when her law professor told her she was a very good writer. She held onto his words until many years later when she wrote her second book, Two Strangers With One Heartbeat.

Kimberly loves to write. It’s her stress reliever and a way to escape and let her imagination run wild. Another stress reliever for Kimberly is watching cartoons. She loves the old school ones and some of the new ones. And she’s also an animal lover.

When Kimberly isn’t writing, she’s dabbling with interior design, going to flea markets, dining out, taking road trips, and antiquing. She’s a collector of Indian Buddhas and Asian art. She has a weekly podcast, Over 40 and Killing it, where she discusses topics such as dating, sex after 40, remaining ageless, and self-help.

Kimberly hopes her writing will inspire and entertain her readers. From her self-help books, thrillers, and romances, she hopes that her audience will enjoy her work. 

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