3 ways I travel, work from anywhere and receive perks!

France, Germany, and Denmark, three countries I will be visiting and staying for months at a time!

There are some great places that you can rent for 30 days because staying in the hotel would be too expensive.

This podcast is not about where you stay for how long. This podcast is about how I travel and receive tremendous perks and work from anywhere.

First I set my business up so that it’s on the go. My laptop, mobile, iPad, camera, and portable printer are my accessories.

Notes from the Podcast:

  1. Credit cards that offer travel rewards
  2. **Neighborworks Western Pennsylvania (non-profit to assist in credit repair).
  3. Mini business check list on getting an online business started!
  4. Host travel agencies – Reviews/travel companies and Find a host travel agency.

** The two paragraphs from Neighborworks.

NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization with the mission of financial empowerment that promotes homeownership and stable communities in Western Pennsylvania.

NeighborWorks Western Pennsylvania offers free counseling, homebuyer education, and financial literacy courses designed to help individuals and families achieve their dreams.

I forgot to mention in the P’cast. You can start a podcast, take it on the road and have this as your online business.

Now check out the podcast and then begin planning your travel adventures!

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So until we meet again my dear Friend, “Stay Cool, Classy and Keep on Killing it. NEVER give up! NEVER be denied! You’re NEVER too old! NEVER look back!

With love,



Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah

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