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f0fd6a_4692d31019bd4f29a0e6491cb77da617Welcome to my world, Over 40 & Killing it®! Here’s a little background that led to the book.

I used to get asked on a daily basis, via the Facebook page, e-mails, and random conversations, who is behind Over 40 & Killing it®? It’s me, Kimberly, over 40 and living life to the fullest!

Don’t get me wrong it’s been a bumpy ride. I had it all (great job, beautiful place, a healthy savings account, and a sexy BMW) before my mid-life crisis kicked my ass into a poverty lifestyle. My self-esteem and confidence were shot to hell. I had none. It’s all in my Over 40 & Killing it® book.

I’m from the “Steel City”, Pittsburgh, PA  born and raised. I lived in Brooklyn, NY for 5 years, the best 5 years of my life but it wasn’t a place for me, to raise my kids. My family lived in Pittsburgh. I needed their support and help in raising my kids.

I was in Charleston, SC for an extended stay, for around five months. Charleston is a beautiful city with beautiful people. I’ve decided to get a winter place either in Summerville or Goose Creek sometime in the near future.

Where I live plays an important role in my success and sanity. I absorb my surroundings. I need the sultry settings of the city mixed with the tranquility of country living.

This is why I love Pittsburgh. You get a great mixture of both. You can check out my Craving Pittsburgh section and read all about the cool places where you can chill and have a great time in the Steel City.

So where did all this fabulousness come from? It came from within. Yes on the outside I had it going on but it’s the inner beauty that makes you desirable. When I went through my mid-life crisis I lost all of the fabulousness. Ladies and Gentlemen, I had it going on. I had the clothes, the car, the money, and that certain je ne sais quoi.

However, I lost it which is why I created  Over 40 & Killing it®. It was my online therapy, pictorial, and inspirational diary. I had no one to turn for encouragement or inspiration, so I had to create a space for myself.

Over 40 & Killing it® was not only my therapy but it turned out to be a way for me to meet some incredible Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is why I created the Facebook group so we can all come together and support one another. It is so inspiring to chit-chat with like-minded people who may be going through similar situations.

Just like most people, I am still working on achieving the lifestyle I deserve. My journey will never end. I’m constantly improving myself, learning new things, and going, after all, my lifelong dreams and goals. I will never stop and neither should you! In the book, I talk about all of my trials and tribulations I went through starting with the mid-life crisis.

Over 40. Success over 40, Health & Fitness

I stated previously, I didn’t have a support system. I’m an only child and never had any friends. I had no one kicking me in the ass saying Kimmy my dear, “you’re messing up” or “what the hell are you doing!”  The friends I acquired during my, “crisis” were superficial assholes with no souls or goals, just a bunch of drunks.

What’s interesting looking back I would never have befriended any of them if it wasn’t for my, “crisis.” Our paths would never have crossed. I’m not putting myself above anyone but hanging in bars 5 nights out the week, gossiping about the people I called my friends, and the backstabbing was never how I rolled. Every one of them has been fully relegated from my life. Oh, it’s all in the book.

My very close doesn’t live in Pittsburgh and had no clue my life was spiraling out of control (just hanging out too much, increased drinking, and living beyond my means). I never did drugs.

It's time to, "Live the Lifestyle YOU deserve!"

It’s time to, “Live the Lifestyle YOU deserve!”

During these troubling times, I came up with a mantra that I still use today. I call it my three R’s,  I would reflect (on what happened), redirect (got my shit together and focused on what’s important before all hell broke loose), and then reconnected (start putting the pieces back together). This really helped. You need something that will pull you out of that black hole. I go into detail about the black hole I fell into during my mid-life crisis in the book. It wasn’t pretty.

I hope, my podcast, email updates, (go ahead, sign up) and events will get you through the Next Act of your life with ease, style, and a little bit of fun! Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes I did.

No matter what your situation or status may be, tune in daily on Twitter for some inspiration, sarcasm, style suggestions, how to go from poverty to posh, cocktail suggestions (my fav) and more in hopes of helping you get through whatever you’re going through or to just brighten up your day.

Over 40 & Killing it® is about helping you to enhance your PPSP (Personal, Professional, Spiritual & Physical) life. The spiritual side is all on you. I’ve been down and out and it’s a horrible place to be, especially when you have no one to turn to.  So, if I can help just one person a day with a kind word, a smile, a Facebook post, or my Tweets then that’s all that matters.

One thing I must add before I break out. I’m a keep it real type of person. I will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to no end. However, I say what’s on my mind. I’m brutally honest. If this bothers you, then we may not be a good fit and that’s ok!

Well, that’s it my Dahlings. I hope to see you at an event soon I hope. If not we’ll connect through Zoom. Make sure you check out the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or Pobean.

Don’t forget to join me on Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook group page. I also have a YouTube channel. I will be adding videos very soon so subscribe and hit the notification button so you’ll be notified when the videos come out. Don’t forget to sign up for the emails, get on that VIP list.

I would love to have you on the show. Let’s chit chat about your topic before we schedule a time for recording. You can email me at In the subject line put “interview.”

So until we meet again my dear Friend, “Stay Cool, Classy and Keep on Killing it. NEVER give up! NEVER be denied! You’re NEVER too old! NEVER look back! Peace!

With love,


Kimberly Ann Hawes

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