Craving Pittsburgh-soul food “Z’Best”

June 5, 2017

When it comes to food, I have 2 favorites, soul food, and cupcakes. Whenever I travel, I compile a list of soul food places and bakeries in the city I’m traveling to.  I must say Italian food and a really good hoagie are right up there but not holding the number 1 spot.

I first tried Z’Best ribs when they were on Herron Avenue. I was so happy when I found out they were moving to Fifth Ave. Let me rephrase that, I was happy but my hourglass figure isn’t and let me tell you why.

I’m a very picky eater so no matter where I go I stick to the same order; ribs with mild sauce but in their case, I add the orange sauce. My sides always include macaroni and cheese and string beans. I will get cornbread but I love white bread with my ribs. I dip the bread in the sauce, OH MY GOSH pure heaven.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other rib places here in Pittsburgh and I will be sure to give you the 411 on them as well. However, Z’Best is the place for me. Don’t just take my word, go see for yourself.

Here’s a link to their menu and their website is right below. You can also connect with them on social media (links can be found on their website).

Z’Best Barbeque Chicken & Ribs
1315 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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