I’m not a poet, far from it. So, this little poem is not “poetically” correct. It’s how I felt at the time when I was reminiscing on how far I’ve come since my mid-life crisis.

It’s been a long journey in regaining the Over 40 & Killing it® Lifestyle. I’ve made it! I styled and wrote my way to success in 365 days. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

I am still sauntering down the street of success, it’s never-ending. I do stop from time to time, to absorb all the beautiful things around me and to give thanks for all I have.

The greatest feeling is living this new chapter of my life without the frienemies and jealous individuals I befriended during my mid-life crisis.

I can’t blame them for my demise, that was all me. However, I do thank them for their envious behavior, their empty dreams and their no ambition attitude. That was the driving force that catapulted me into aggressively going after my dreams and creating Over 40 & Killing it®.

Sometimes before I go to bed I think about the past and all I can do is shake my head at what I’ve been through and the people I encountered.

I haven’t spoken to any of my mid-life crisis frienemies. I do from time to time get a glimpse into some of their lives via social media. They are just as I left them but older with sad souls.

They are doing the same things, living the same unproductive lifestyle and wasting money they don’t have just as they were when I left that whole scene years ago when I first met them.

It’s sad a couple of them had true potential to achieve so much more than what they settled for. And with that being said…I wrote this poem in honor of my frienemies!


What do I have that you want
I’m just like you
When you see me I don’t flaunt
But inside you brew

Hard work, patience, discipline
that’s all you need from what I see
to transform that arson
that burns so deep inside you have for me

What do I have that you want
I earned what I have
so take your envious taunts,
turn them into your wants

Your Mind, Heart, and Soul
will take you to the top
Take a survey, Take a poll
it will show you not to stop

Love your life not mine
Your next act, your action plan
will be well worth your time
You will have what I have,
And maybe your first fan!


Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah

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