Never go backwards

What a journey it’s been since my mid-life crisis. My love life at that time was a nightmare looking back. I never knew there were so many bizarre men out here. I knew there were. I didn’t think I would encounter as many as I did.

The reason why I say “never knew” is because up until my mid-life crisis, I was surrounded by successful and powerful men. These men took the word gentlemen very seriously.

My two serious relationships, both men treated me like a queen. They protected me. They loved me. They supported me. And they were totally committed to me.

You may be asking Kimberly what happened? In both relationships, I was proposed to. I knew deep down inside I wasn’t ready for marriage. It would’ve been selfish for me to continue with the relationships knowing the outcome wasn’t going to be marriage.

Always move forward no matter how good the proposition may be.  Trust me nothing has changed, so there’s no reason to go back for a test drive.

It’s funny I look back on previous beaus, just the ones from my mid-life crisis, and I just shake my head. I ask myself, Kimberly, what were you thinking? What did I see with these bubbleheads?

Wait let me re-phrase that they were not ex’s they were friends with benefits.  They would never think about committing, that was a foreign word to them.  But hey that was my fault, living the “bar scene” lifestyle. I can’t change what I attracted at that time or that type of behavior I tolerated.

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You best believe that will NEVER happen again. I will remain single until my ride or die comes into my life. I know he’s out there. It’s not that right time for us to meet yet.

That’s another rant.  The bottom line…keep moving forward.  You can’t change the past but you can guide and design your future.

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Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah

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