Starting that journey out of Singlesville

August 27, 2017
We are single and satisfied right now. We’re getting to know ourselves. In the near or distant future, we’re going to begin that journey out of Ssinglesville. Do we know what we want? Have you thought about the type of person you want to end with? That person who will become your sidekick, your partner in crime.

They will enhance your already fantastic life.

When we look for a new job, we write down what type of job(s) we want to apply for, right? In starting a business, we write down what type of business we want to start. We weigh our pros and con’s on what business to start based on our passion, skills, and interests, right?

So why is it when it comes to love we don’t prepare for it. Now finding love should be in the moment, not checking your dating paper which is discussed in the P’cast but leading with your gut first, your brain second and then the heart.

Having the Build a Brotha or Sew a Sista together is a great starting point to figuring out what you want in a man or woman.

I have another post/podcast on how to spot red flags. This particular activity will get you thinking and generate questions to ask prior to the first date or on the first date. My personal opinion I prefer the in-person/first date so you can watch their body language and physically see what they’re saying.

The eyes never lie and they are the gateway to the soul.  Now moving forward…

There’s Build A Bear for the kiddies…. So why not have a Build a Brotha or Sew a Sista for us fabulous Ladies and Gentlemen.

Here’s a sample of my Brotha….

  1. Sense of humor mix of Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Rickey Gervais and Bernie Mac (RIP) all mixed into one
  2. Beautiful smile and teeth
  3. Sports lover
  4. Animal Lover
  5. The person that ends with me you will experience being with 3 different women. You never know who you’ll get each day. I’m a cool ass person but I have different sides to me; business Kimberly “workaholic”, sexy Kimberly, spontaneous Kimberly “hey I saw this sandwich on tv in Detroit, so let’s go. The practical joke playing Kimberly.
  6. British Accent, one of those daydreaming qualities
  7. Beard (a must) or a 5:00 o’clock shadow
  8. Biker/Cowboy/Construction worker gear
  9. He loves rocking sunglasses
  10. His cologne game is on point.
  11. Grown kids, call me selfish but at this age, I’m not the looking to become a stepmom. I’ve been there, done that and I didn’t like it.
  12. This one kills me, being legally separated get that shit taken care of
  14. I don’t do long distance relationships click here to check out that P’cast.

Last but one of the MOST important things NO SNORING! I don’t snore sometimes my kids would put their finger under my nose to see if I was breathing.

I can’t sleep we can’t sleep in the same bed because he sounds like a chainsaw while inhaling the whole freaking room. Then riddle me this Batman, how will I get my beauty sleep or get my groove on?

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m done. I’m gonna go build my brotha for future dating. We’ve Grown Folks know exactly what we like, what we’ll tolerate and what’s unacceptable. Once you get out of the mindset of settling, raising your self-worth and believing you deserve the best. You’ll be surprised what comes your way, not the crap you threw away.

Let us know what your top fives are. Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂 Go ahead a comment below.

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Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah

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