Smokey’s Place, Charleston, SC

Thursday night in North Charleston, what’s one to do?  What Trendy Hotspot is there to check out for the grown and sexy? Well, your question has been answered “Smokey’s Place on Remount Road. They don’t have a website but you can find them on Facebook.  What a great time you can have when you least expect it.

I was literally at the gas station right down the road from the Food Lion. They knew I was from out of town. I started talking to the Gentleman at the gas pump. He said hey there’s a nice place right down the road you should check out.

He even offered to come with me to make sure I got there safely and felt comfortable. What happened he ended up staying. I had an amazing time and so did he.

When they say Charleston is a friendly City. It really is. However, being from Pittsburgh and from living in Brooklyn, NY, I was very cognizant of my surroundings. I had one drink, one I was driving and two I needed to stay alert.


I love Pittsburgh but I love traveling to cool and beautiful places and Charleston, SC fits the bill. I’ll get more into this beautiful city in another blog post.

Let’s begin on the outside, off of Remount Road you pull into the Food Lion “Southern supermarket” and park the ride.

Heading inside to the left you have booths to the right is where the band performs, DJ booth and some table and chairs.

Head straight bar to the left “square in shape with bar stools around it. Keep going towards the back, pool table off to the right and bathrooms to the left.

Drinks are reasonably priced.  A Jack Daniels and ginger $4.00.  Now, this particular Thursday there was live music, “blues.” One thing about this Steel City Chick, I love blues and Jack Daniels.

I apologize for my stupidity for not getting the bands name. They were really good.  But before the band gets started, you must indulge in one of Smokey’s eats.

Smokey’s is known for having the bomb burgers but that grilled pork chopped satisfied my palette that night like nobody’s business.  One of the best grilled pork chops I tasted in a long time.  Smokey’s has an array of food from fried to grilled, sides, burgers, it’s just what you’re in the mood for when you stop in.

Now you’re full with your cocktail in your hand when you hear the first chord of a blues song you then face the stage to hear some soul-shaking blues.  Smokey’s has a lot of artists (mainly local artist) that perform throughout the week.  Since they don’t have a website it’s hard to know who’s performing.

I do know every Sunday they have a Blues jam session.  When in doubt just call (843) 566-1191.  Smokey’s is open Monday-Saturday 11 am-2 am and Sunday noon-2 am There was no cover, casual dress and at the time I was there smoking (cigarettes) was permitted.  This bar was non-urban when I was there but it doesn’t matter because you will enjoy yourself in a safe and fun environment no matter what race you are.

So if you’re in Charleston, SC or visiting GPS the address 1213 Remount Rd. (Food Lion Shopping Center), North Charleston, South Carolina, and head on out to Smokey’s you’ll thank me later.


Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah



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