Will I see him again?

Chivalry is not dead! There are still a lot of Gentlemen out here!  I had a lunch meeting with a very affluent Gentleman!

Two people drinking red wine on a date they are doing cheers with their glasses

His gear was impeccable which was the first thing I noticed, then it was the incredible aroma of his cologne which was Bvlgari.

After lunch, I was excited that I secured a client but a little disappointed that our lunch meeting consisted of nothing but industry (real estate, developing/investing, imports & exports) talk! There was a lot of uncomfortable silence and no laughter! I’m not quite sure why I was disappointed. I’m not ready for a relationship or anything casual.

It could have been that I was under the impression from a reliable source he wanted to get to know me personally. That bit of information piqued my interest because of his demeanor; powerful, elegant and he was a Gentleman.

When we got back to the office pleasantries were exchanged and I went on with my day! This all took place on Thursday.

Friday afternoon rolls around I received a phone call from him. A dinner invitation was offered! It took me a while to commit since our lunch meeting was so much fun. I couldn’t handle any more excitement.

However, my good friend Jack Daniels reassured me it would be a much better experience with his presence! So I accepted.

This was one of the most incredible, I don’t want to say a date, so let’s go with, “night out” that I’ve had in a long time. First, we went clothes shopping. This was his first time visiting Pittsburgh and him being an urbane Gentleman, he wanted to check out some of our men’s clothiers!

After shopping we went to dinner, he knew from our conversation and my order at lunch I’m a very picky eater. He made sure the restaurant of choice was to my liking! In my opinion, this was so Gentlemanly, for him not knowing my city, he made it a point to find an eatery for a finicky person.

Our lunch meeting was boring, dull, and painful!

Our dinner “thing” was truly amazing! There was witty repartee, laughter, sarcasm, and no industry talk!

It was like night and day! He was so charismatic, engaging, kind, and to top it off he looked amazing. He was rocking a custom-made black suit jacket, a muted gray luxury shirt, a pocket square that was so stunning with black dress pants.

His shoe and watch game was off the chain. He was rocking Tom Ford loafers with an Audemars Piguet watch with a brilliant selection of wrist-wear that not only matched his watch but his pocket square. This is what I would call chic casual all wrapped up in one.

The dinner lasted 3 hours. We both were amazed, at how time passed so effortlessly. He took me home and walked me inside to make sure everything was okay. He kissed me on the cheek and said be ready tomorrow at 10 am (Saturday). In a very seductive and calm voice, he said, “I have something special planned that I know you’re going to love!” I was floored for two reasons.

First, in the car, we listened to old-school hip-hop. No, I take that back we both sang and car danced (where only your hands and torso are moving) to songs like Rock Box, Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Five Minutes of Funk, then we shut it down with Children’s Story. Second, he was so sure of himself that he made plans for the next day. I love a man who takes charge.

Saturday was incredible. We went to the Carnegie Museum.

We had a late lunch at Max & Erma’s another favorite spot of mine, which he loved. It was an early evening since he was heading to Chicago in the morning for a charity event.

He drove me home, walked me inside and he wanted a tour of my house! Fine! I gave him a glass of wine to sip on while we sauntered through my humble abode. With another kiss on the cheek, a little idle chit-chat, and then he was gone. But his scent lingered for hours.

Will I ever see him again? Who knows? Our business is done. Would it have even worked out? Who knows? Unless he decided to move to Pittsburgh or Charleston, SC, then that would’ve been a different story!

Did we exchange personal information? Nope! I have his contact information at the office! What I really liked about him, he only had one social media account that he barely used! How did I know? Professionally I research all of my clients. I like to find out their interests so I can establish a common ground and generate conversations.

I never asked him about his social media accounts. He elaborated on how much he disliked social media. He said it was ruining our communication skills. He went on to say it has also disrupted the way we conduct business. This conversation was provoked after we witnessed a couple at lunch more engaged in their phones than with one another.

I will say this, those two days had me thinking. Am I ready for a relationship? Or was it nice just going out with someone new and having some good ole fashion fun?

I labeled this date in my diary as the Reserved who rattled the Recluse!

Lessons learned:

  1. Chivalry isn’t dead!
  2. Gentlemen Rock!
  3. Don’t confuse business with pleasure!
  4. Don’t rush or jump to conclusions too fast!
  5. Gentlemen have patience!
  6. Let the Man be a Man!
  7. Never rush a Gentleman!
  8. Let the Gentleman take charge!
  9. Just go with the flow without labels, whatever happens, happens!
  10. Real Gentlemen are just downright smooth and captivating without it being forced or phony.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s chit-chat about this. What are your thoughts? You can leave your comment in the section below. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

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With love,



Everything is better, “Over Cocktails or Coffee!” ~~kah

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